The series of Multiplier Events in all partner countries

There is no doubt that there are great ideas behind the IGEN project and interesting findings of the IGEN survey. But what good would come from our effort if we were the only ones knowing about them? This is the reason why why in 2017 there were series of Multiplier Events hosted in each partner’s country to let people know about the results of the project.

The purpose of Multiplier Events

The main purpose was obviously promoting IGEN project and its results. But at the same time all partner’s organizations wanted to get to know the target groups, make new contacts, ask about opinions about IGEN, brainstorm and invite people to further cooperation.


Cypriot partner – DEKAPLUS organized the meeting in June 2017. One of their goals, besides promoting the project results, was bringing Generation Z members and Employers closer together. DEKAPLUS staff put a lot of effort in creating workshops and initiating discussions to start a dialogue between those two groups and identify gaps between them.

Czech Republic

During the event in Czech Republic the emphasis was put on sharing the experiences of both target groups members. 4 practitioners (team leaders and HR specialists) presented their views and practical knowledge about differences between generations. Also students of age under 21 presented their fears, experiences and expectations towards entering the world of work.

There were several groups of people invited to the meeting: Persons from the companies, successful graduates of CULS and local authorities. To facilitate the access for everyone the event was hosted in the CULS campus, on the 1st of June.


The Spanish event took place on the 18th of July in Gran Hotel Domine in Bilbao. The group of final attendants consisted of people who belong to different organisations. The members of business associations, social agents, Universities, Training Centres, Chamber of commerce, companies and economic developments agencies were present.

The meeting was conducted in the form that invites people to discuss and share their thoughts. After the presentations and brainstorming the project was evaluated by participants. Almost all of the attendants claimed that their knowledge were acquired and updated at the meeting.


Polish event took place on the 21st of July in Rzeszów. The meeting started with the general presentation of main characteristics of all the generations present on the labour market. It was especially important because words like “Generation Z” or “Baby boomers” are not commonly used in Polish language. The participants claimed afterwards that the presentation has really broadened their knowledge and helped understand the project objectives.

The rest of the meeting followed the agenda and consisted of presenting the goals of the project, the results of the research as well as brainstorming and sharing experiences. Both members of management/HR and Generation Z members were present at the meeting which helped conducting interesting discussions.


In Hungary besides the presentations and discussions the participants were able to choose from two workshops prepared by our Hungarian partner – Trebag. The first one was a talent pool workshop: Participants got useful information about how they can reach generation Z and communicate with them effectively by rethinking the existing HR communicational tools. The second one was a creative feedback workshop: Participants received hints and tips about how they can give feedback to generation Z in a creative way.


The Multiplier Event in UK was delivered on three dates (22 and 26 June and 12 July). In total, thirty five people attended the events including representatives from Eral Shilton Business Forum, micro and small enterprises as well as other stakeholders including a VET centre, a public sector body and other enterprises.

Each event was divided into two parts. The first one’s objective was presenting the results of the first activieties of IO1 in the context of UK. The second part was focused on engaging stakeholders with the potential to participate in IO2 and IO3 and establishing the project stakeholders network.



The event in Porto took place in the ISCAP campus. There were students present at the meeting as well as HR specialists, teachers and entrepreneurs. In total the group of 30 people were present at the multiplier event.


160 participants in total have attended the Multipliers Events of IGEN project. There were small differences in the purposes and strategies of different partners. However we can surely say that the meetings helped us promote the project, find local stakeholders, initiate discussions and raise awareness of the problems that IGEN project is trying to solve.