The mentor training and the generation Z training are ready for testing by the end users!

The last few months, Exponential Training & Assessment (ETA) and DekaPlus Business Services Ltd. have been developing a mentor training and a Gen Z training.

The focus of the training is the generation Z employees and their mentors. The duration of the trainings is 40 hours, but one part of the training will be available online and the other part will be held in the classroom (as a classical face to face training).

The mentor training

The mentor training: It is based on the results of our surveys, so we tried to design the training to the real problems, opportunities and attitudes. Due to that fact, the mentors will be equipped with the right skills through this training. Then these mentors will able to help new employees feel more comfortable at work. This way employers get far more than academic knowledge about the generation, they will also receive practical know-hows on how to handle them, designed to address real life situations.

The main learning outputs of this mentor training are:

  1. Understand the concept and purpose of mentoring
  2. Understand the skills and tools used by mentors
  3. Implement the stages of a mentoring process

Our mentor training material contains several elements, for instance mentoring skills workbooks, exercises and handouts, etc.

In the generation Z mentor tool-kit there are a lot of useful exercises/tools, for instance a mentoring programme check-list, the mentoring contract, mentee preparation questionnaire, mentor preparation questionnaire, agenda for the first meeting and mentoring review and assessment questionnaire, etc.

The Gen Z training

The Gen Z training is also based on our results of survey. The focus of this training is the weaker soft skills of the Gen Z, namely communication, problem solving, critical thinking, adaptability, teamwork, resilience, time management, and empathy, etc.

Our Gen Z training material contains the following units: curriculum, pedagogical guide, introduction of Y and Z generation, appropriate and efficient exercises and handouts.

The project team tested both training in Limassol, Cyprus, on the 17th-21st of September 2018. Each partner learnt a lot from the training materials, exercises and discussions. You can read more about the event HERE.

The next step is to translate the materials and to test these materials in real life environment, so the pilot trainings. All partners (except the Spanish) will organize a pilot training for the Gen Z mentors and for the Gen Z employees.

So the project team will be ready for the pilot trainings in a few weeks. If you or your company is interested in this event, please contact the partner from your country. You can find the full list of partners HERE.