Millennials Killing Their Bosses

I-GEN or to give it its full title “Interwork between Generation Z and Employers” is bridging the gap between employers and young people. Jumping from education straight into the world of work is a daunting prospect for many young people. Equally, the experience of employing a young person can be a shock to many smaller business – I-Gen bridges the divide.

Challenges Facing Businesses Today

Businesses throughout Europe are having to face-up to changes in labour market. Finding and keeping talented young people is getting harder and harder. Many businesses are finding the demand for skilled and motivated labour is exceeding supply. Add to this, a sharp fall in the number of young people entering the labour market plus the different expectations that young people have of the world of work and the challenge is set to grow.

Attracting and retaining young people, often referred to as Generation Z is proving to be bigger challenge than many employers expected. On the one hand, employers need to understand the needs and expectations of young people and how to engage and support them. On the other hand, young people need to understand what today’s employers need and demand from its workforce.

If you are not sure what a Generation Z is, check out this video on Why Are Millennials Killing Their Bosses?

The I-GEN Solution

I-GEN will deliver a mentoring-based support programme to help employers to bridge the gap between work and education. At the development stage, currently, Exponential Training along with the other Erasmus+ partners from Poland, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Spain and Cyprus will be on the lookout for frustrated business owners and managers who want to learn how to get the most out of Generation Z employees.