Joint Staff Training Event in Limassol


Since the outputs of the IGEN project are nearly finished, they must have been properly tested and explained to the specialists from all countries participating in the project. There training was conducted by ETA and Dekaplus. There were 2 project outputs presented:


This part of the training was lead by John Moore, the leader of ETA, British partner of the project. The training was aiming to address far more than just an academic knowledge about the generation Z. Company owners/managers/mentors can also receive practical know-hows on how to handle young employees, designed to address real life situations.


The second part of the training was lead by the Cypriot partner of the project, DEKAPLUS, represented by Christos Nicolaides. The resources developed to train young people were tested and discussed by partners. The resources consisted of the theoretical curriculum, pedagogical guide, introduction to the generation characteristics and practical games and exercises.


Partners had a chance to read all the materials developed and discuss on their final shape. Also, the materials were tested on the representatives of companies and the trainers had a chance to conduct trial trainings in small groups.

Finally, the participants were issued the certificates  and were given a lot of advice on how to deliver the training.