INNEO – Creative Development Studio is the association acting in Rzeszow. INNEO was founded on the initiative of 20 people who decided to work for the education, culture and social development. For nearly two years prior to the registration, INNEO acted as simple association, carrying out activities such as lectures, workshops and classes on a variety of topics. The main objective of the association is to provide education, training and research for social and economic development. The staff of INNEO consists of members with knowledge and experience in various fields e.g. culture and art, science and entrepreneurship. Despite that INNEO is a new association, it has a network of contacts, both on local and international level.

The activities of the association is aimed at both the youth and adults. The association consists of persons who have knowledge and experience in this area of activity. The staff of the association consists of qualified persons, with knowledge and experience in the area of project management. Among the staff there are persons experienced in the Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action program. The association involves members with experience in conducting training courses (IT and entrepreneurship) in framework of Polish program Human Capital. INNEO cooperates with institutions acting in field of education and research (representatives of local SME sector, business environment institutions, associations acting in field of education, culture and art).

INNEO is the association experienced in field of education and training. We implemented the project called “Young Scientist Club” – national youth initiative in framework of Youth in Action program. The subject of the project has been teaching science (physics and chemistry) in attractive and effective way. At the moment we are included in two Erasmus+ KA2 projects: USEWINE (Adult Education) and SELFY (Youth). We also coordinate the project “Development of innovative teaching model – Flip Teaching” in framework of Swiss program.

The organization consists of members experienced in education and training. They are experienced in development of European projects (Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Youth in Action) and training courses. The staff of INNEO has sufficient knowledge and experience in field of project management, dissemination, evaluation and monitoring.