5TH PROJECT MEETING IN CYPRUS The fifth meeting in the framework of the IGEN project took place in Limassol, Cyprus, on the 22nd of September 2018. It was organized by DEKAPLUS – the Cypriot partner in the project. INTRODUCTION Since partners already know each other very well, the introduction phase […]

5th Transnational Project Meeting in Limassol

INTRODUCTION Since the outputs of the IGEN project are nearly finished, they must have been properly tested and explained to the specialists from all countries participating in the project. There training was conducted by ETA and Dekaplus. There were 2 project outputs presented: IO2 – MENTOR TRAINING This part of […]

Joint Staff Training Event in Limassol

3RD MEETING IN PORTO Since we are approaching the most challenging stages of IGEN Project, our next meeting had to be filled with hard work to clarify all the project’s assumptions and produce very specific directions for each partner to know how to produce useful and high quality resources. There […]

3rd Transnational Meeting in Porto

2ND MEETING IN POLAND What are the needs and expectations of youngsters regarding the job market? What are the challenges for the employers? How can we bridge the gap between youngsters and employers? Some of the topics that are under during the second Transnational Meeting. It took place in Cracow, […]

2nd transnational meeting in Cracow

  LET’S GET STARTED! The kick-off meeting of the iGEN project took place in Prague on 10-11th October 2016 and was organized by the Czech partner – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) at the campus of their university. During the meeting the partners discussed e.g. development of intellectual outputs, dissemination, […]

1st Transnational Meeting in Prague