Adapting to new generations – How companies can help Gen Z in their labour integration

The labour market is shifting, and one of the biggest changes is the co-working of different generations. In some cases, companies are working with people from four different generations that are classified by age and whose characteristics may vary depending on the PEST environment (political, economic, social and technological conditions). Those generations are the baby boomers, the generation X, the generation Y and the generation Z.  The generation Z has been the last one entering in the labour market and has altered everything making companies face new challenges.

People from generation Z are supposed to be caring about making a difference, constant, hard workers, more multitasking than other generations, prefer to communicate face to face and are technologically savvy.  Besides, they expect the workplace to conform to their needs, they are motivated by security and money, they are not good team players and are very competitive.

Differences between generations

There is a big difference among generations and their traits, the working methodologies are not the same for every generation, and therefore a little bit of cooperation in order to find a suitable working environment for every generation is needed. If not, the situation may be frustrating for the company, but also for workers of the generation Z that may feel they do not fit in their new working environment.

For that purpose, this article aims to reflect different ways in which a company can help its generation Z workers in order to fit better and feel more comfortable in their work place.

What can companies do to help their Gen Z employees?

Regardless the generation, people want to feel valued. As the manager of your organization, you should appreciate the skills of people new to the workforce, and value their contributions. Moreover, you should give them a voice and make them feel part of the team, provide them feedback in order to help them improve their work, and above all foster a friendly atmosphere trying to lave aside the age differences.

This process has only one right way to be successful and is that every single part involved in the working environment cooperates. It is true that new workers must give their 100% in order to fit in the new working environment, but companies have as much responsibility as workers, and it is a fact that cannot be ignored.

What iGEN project does to help?

In order to foster that integration, in the iGEN project we have developed the “Generation Z in the workplace” handbook and a training course for companies which we hope will bridge the gap and make the situation easier.