3rd Transnational Meeting in Porto


Since we are approaching the most challenging stages of IGEN Project, our next meeting had to be filled with hard work to clarify all the project’s assumptions and produce very specific directions for each partner to know how to produce useful and high quality resources.

There was no better place for such demanding activities than the building of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP). The meeting took place on the 18th-19th of September 2017 and was organized by our Portuguese partner ISCAP – Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administracao do Porto.


Following the usual schedule the general introductions and greetings were followed by a short review of the project – recent outputs, objectives, schedule and methodology. The agenda and goals for the two-days meeting were discussed and agreed.


To sum up the last months of the duration of the project partners discussed the results of the IO1.2 – the company survey. The survey was conducted by all the partners in their countries. Its main goal was to get familiar with the fears and expectations of employers and managers towards generation Z. Then the comparison between the experiences and opinions of both target groups was made.

The leading partner of this output – Trebag presented the results of Transnational Report – the summary of the data gathered by all partners. Then all members of the consortium presented their national results, pointing out the context and the most distinguishing discoveries. The detailed results of the research will soon be available HERE.


The rest of the first and half of the second day of the meeting were dedicated to refining the details of the next intellectual outputs:

  • 3 – Methodology
  • 1 – Development of mentor training
  • 1 – Development of genZ training material

The first one was the most significant at this period of the project but all outputs were discussed in details to make sure the results are coherent and the visions and expectations of partners are met.

The biggest emphases were put to the results of the previous phases – the survey of generation Z and companies. Our main care was to ensure that our solutions perfectly fit the needs of the target groups.


As usually – all the details of further cooperation and technical, financial and management issues were discussed, clarified and agreed upon. Dissemination and evaluation activities were performed and the details of the next meeting were given. The meeting has ended in a friendly atmosphere and with clear divisions of tasks for the next months.