2nd transnational meeting in Cracow


What are the needs and expectations of youngsters regarding the job market? What are the challenges for the employers? How can we bridge the gap between youngsters and employers? Some of the topics that are under during the second Transnational Meeting. It took place in Cracow, Poland, on the 3rd-4th of April.


Following the usual schedule the general introductions and greetings were followed by a short review of the project – outputs, objectives, schedule and methodology. The agenda and goals for the two-days meeting were discussed and agreed.


Our work started with discussing the dissemination issues. After the first meeting the next logo was chosen from several proposals. The draft of the website was also prepared after the first Transnational Meeting in Prague. During the second meeting all the partners carefully checked the website, spoke their opinions and made some suggestions.

The Facebook fanpage was created and run successfully since the first meeting. The YouTube and Instagram accounts were agreed to be created soon. The possible content was briefly discussed during the meeting.


Summary of the results of Gen Z questionnaires was a significant part of the meeting. General conclusions were presented by Portuguese partner. The data was counted and interpreted and lead the project to the meaningful findings and conclusions.

After the general part each partner have prepared and presented National Reports of Gen Z survey, enriched with national context overview, conclusions, suggestions and SWOT analysis. This was an important and the most time consuming part of the 2nd Transnational Meeting.

Although the differences between the partner countries’ Gen Z members and their opinions were visible during the presentations, the conclusions were similar everywhere and they followed the conclusions of the general survey. This has ensured the partners that the research was well prepared and will have meaningful outputs.


The Hungarian partner conducted the discussion about the Report of Company Survey. 50 participants from different organizations will take part in the survey in each country to compare the situation of young people on the labour market from the point of view of employers, leaders and managers. This will give the project a chance to become objective and lead to the complex understanding of the situation.


As usually – all the details of further cooperation and technical, financial and management issues were discussed, clarified and agreed upon. The details of the next meeting were given. The meeting has ended in a friendly atmosphere and with clear divisions of tasks for the next months.

Author: INNEO