1st Transnational Meeting in Prague



The kick-off meeting of the iGEN project took place in Prague on 10-11th October 2016 and was organized by the Czech partner – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) at the campus of their university. During the meeting the partners discussed e.g. development of intellectual outputs, dissemination, evaluation and monitoring of the project.


General introductions and greetings were followed by a short review of the project – outputs, objectives, schedule and methodology. Since this was a kick-off meeting each partner introduced his organization, especially the experience with the similar topics and projects. The agenda and goals for the two-days meeting were discussed and agreed.


The text of the contract was prepared by the beneficiary (CULS Prague) and distributed to all partners. The issues of payment and costs, as well as communication means between partners were carefully explained and discussed.

The schedule of times and places of meetings was adjusted and agreed by all partners. Tasks and obligations of each partner were clarified.


Following the fact, that this was the first meeting of the project the special discussion was concerning the dissemination. General activities were agreed to take place as outlined in the dissemination plan. There is to be a significant contribution from each partner regarding this activity. This is fundamental to the success of the project. Each partner must make its own dissemination plan.

The dissemination strategy was presented by the INNEO partner who is responsible for the dissemination of the project. They introduced the dissemination channels and ways of dissemination. The work on the logo and website were in progress and became the priority for the next weeks. The partners also agreed on publishing at least one informational article (in English) per 3 months and newsletter every six months. 


The work on the IO1 will take 18 months and it is structured into 3 phases: IO1.1, IO1.2, IO1.3. The leading partner of IO 1.1 is ISCAP. The partner prepared a proposal of the questionnaire for Gen Z. 

The target group will consist of people aged 16-21, both involved in vocational training and apprenticeship or already the university students. The investigation will consist of three parts: on-line questionnaire (50 respondents per partner), semi structured interviews (5 responders per partner) and group sessions (10 responders per partner). During the meeting there was a discussion on the form and content of the questionnaire.

The results of our research you will find HERE.

Author: INNEO