4TH MEETING IN UK Project IGEN is now at a very developed and demanding stage, therefore partners need to have a productive time during Transnational Project Meetings. With that in mind, the fourth meeting was organised in Earl Shilton, where there are headquarters of the project British partner – Exponential […]

4th Transnational Meeting in Earl Shilton

All the outputs created in the framework of iGEN project were designed to be based on thorough research phase. The following article presents several conclusions made after the large-scale survey concerning communication and relationships abilities of GEN Z graduates in the workplaces, involving 596 graduates from 7 European countries:  Czech Republic, Hungary, […]

Gen Z entering the workplace – iGEN research phase conclusions

There is no doubt that there are great ideas behind the IGEN project and interesting findings of the IGEN survey. But what good would come from our effort if we were the only ones knowing about them? This is the reason why why in 2017 there were series of Multiplier […]

The series of Multiplier Events in all partner countries

People like complaining about new generations. Almost every negative quality in this world has been said about Millennials in the last 5-10 years. Currently the same trend applies to Generation Z members. They have already been said to be unrealistically demanding, paralysed without technology, unable to focus and generally not […]

Meaningful economy – How Generation Z will change the world

3RD MEETING IN PORTO Since we are approaching the most challenging stages of IGEN Project, our next meeting had to be filled with hard work to clarify all the project’s assumptions and produce very specific directions for each partner to know how to produce useful and high quality resources. There […]

3rd Transnational Meeting in Porto

2ND MEETING IN POLAND What are the needs and expectations of youngsters regarding the job market? What are the challenges for the employers? How can we bridge the gap between youngsters and employers? Some of the topics that are under during the second Transnational Meeting. It took place in Cracow, […]

2nd transnational meeting in Cracow

  LET’S GET STARTED! The kick-off meeting of the iGEN project took place in Prague on 10-11th October 2016 and was organized by the Czech partner – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) at the campus of their university. During the meeting the partners discussed e.g. development of intellectual outputs, dissemination, […]

1st Transnational Meeting in Prague

I-GEN or to give it its full title “Interwork between Generation Z and Employers” is bridging the gap between employers and young people. Jumping from education straight into the world of work is a daunting prospect for many young people. Equally, the experience of employing a young person can be a shock […]

Millennials Killing Their Bosses

While Europe is trying to pick up its pieces from a number of recent blows (extended economic crisis, terrorist attacks, continuous waves of migrants, Brexit), dropping labour interest, especially from young entrants, is one of the challenges companies are called to deal with.  The new generation, born between 1995 and […]

Generation Z, the new kid on the block!